I’m just a simple artist. I strive to improve with the best quality. A Freelance illustrator that specializes in digital illustration.
I’m drawing what I love and sharing it where I can.
I do now commissions as a source of income (Please check the commission page for more information on works by the artist!)

For commissions info , please check here.



To work in a creative environment where I can apply my artistic skills and learn and grow as both an artist and a person.

.Skill Sets

-drawing anime skills in both digital and traditional media with various mediums.
– Somewhat expert in digital devices such as laptops and mobile phones
– graphic design  ( not so Perfect )


2003 ~ 2006 paint program
At that time I didn’t have a tablet and I was drawing by mouse

2005 ~ Present Photoshop program
At the past I was drawing in Photoshop by mouse too until 2010, starting from 2011 I use photoshop for effect or edit something on my drawing

 2011 ~ 2019 SAI painting program
after I got the tablet I started using SAI and stayed with me for a long journey, but I stopped because I moved to Mac, and SAI doesn’t work on IOS, but still SAI is my favored program

2019 ~ Present MediBang paint
This program is just Temporary until I find a better program