welcome to my page

Finally i’m almost finished my website, even so, it needs a little adjustment, i made website for link everything here like my gallery , my manga , commission info , contact me, if i lost one of my account on social media u can found other one here .. so yeah u can say this site is the original one to know everything about my works ..

Enjoy 💓

About blog


i made this blog to put every news about my plans or works (like new manga)
Since I am too busy I can’t post daily, so i will post only Important things as i said

but i still have many ideas and plans, but i don’t want to tell you now until the time is right,
since Yashahime anime started i got many ideas like manga and comics .. i’m really i wish i can work all my ideas xD , But time is very limited and other things that I should focus on about my life 😅, but i will do my best ❤️❤️❤️

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