If you are looking for someone who can draw for you, for your friends (like birthday or an occasion) or for your boy\girl friend you can ask me what you want
Here you go the information, terms and prices:


I can draw :I don’t draw :
Original Characters 
Anime style
Half animal (like inuyasha)
Manga. (Ask)
·  Full Mecha (Ex. Gundam) 
·  Super heavy armor
·  Yaoi / Yuri couples
·  Fully Monstrous characters
·  Disfigured/Deformed
· Weapons.(ask)
· naked, kiss & sexy
. Cartoon style

I’m good at style art:




Ace of diamond

see more examples here


Simple BG (Ex)Like screenshot (Ex)+Add one more character
Head shot$25$27+$20
Half body$30$37+$25
Full body$37$47+$30
Note :To add small animal\ monster\ Pokemon $10
for bigger/ more detailed animal\ monster\ Pokemon $15 (ask first)

Important Notes (read before you order)

Extra Charge:   

  • full of details Character
  • Pets/Companions/Pokemons
  • Weapons
  • Fees paypal

General Notes  & payment :

  • No refunds once your commission is accepted.
  • It usually takes 10-15 working days, but that’s subject to change. 
  • Sometimes I’d like to take my time so please refrain from spamming me for updates. 
  • I don’t accept half payment and half after sketch!
  • Please when you sending the payment send me by USD !
  • By commissioning me you agree to the terms of use of my art and all stated above. 
  • Payment only by PayPal or points on DA

Fill out the following information :

*name anime :
*Name character :
*Reference: (show me a good reference please)
*Type: (chibi, headshot, half body or full body )
* Background type: (simple BG or screenshot)
*Drawing style:
*Other: (other things I need to know)

( please u should fill all information with good reference, otherwise I will not accept it)