What tools do you use?


  • Wacom intuos tablet
  • XP-PEN innovator 16
  • MackBook Pro IOS
  • iPad Air 4
  • MediBang & Photoshop CC

Traditional Art:

  • Copic Markers
  • Winsor & Newton watercolor – Koi watercolor – Prime watercolor
  • Canson XL water color – Canson Tradition – there many others sketches with unknow names
  • Copic multi liner – pigma micron
  • Mechanical Pencil 0.3mm HB & 0.5mm B2

Do you use a Drawing tablet? if so, are they worth the money?
yes of course!, If you are a beginner, you can use a normal tablet, and there are many cheap types like xp-pen and Huion,
You will feel a little strange when you use it and after 3 days – a week you will get used to it. It is not difficult anyway, it needs to get used to 🙂

I really find it hard to color the clothes in Digital, can you give some tips please?
well it needs a big explanation but I will try to make a lessons in the future ^_^,
also I made video about it (speed painting ) here

Would you consider making pins and stickers?
I don’t want to use my drawing for merch anymore because there are many thieves still trying to steal my works and make a profit for themselves, but I’ve no problem taking commissions for making pins and stickers

Which artists inspired you?
Actually there many of artists inspired me xD, Especially Japanese artists, because they are doing a great work❤️, and I really wish someday I’ll become like them ❤️❤️

Why your English is bad ?
Because it is not my first language and I do my best to improve my language ( Don’t ask where am I from )

How much time have you been drawing?
Since my childhood and I started from 2003 as u see in ( About ) page.

Where did you learn drawing ?
By myself

Do you take requests ?
NO, I don’t take requests anymore .. If you are looking for commission go read the info  link

Why you draw the same style and steal characters from them ?
well, all characters are not my own , I’m just a fan of Inuyasha and I just do it for fun, this is just my art style like an anime! I also draw different anime style too (like YGO, pokemon, ace of diamond ..etc)!, I just do it for fun not selling, Everyone understands this is just a fan art

All the fanart shared through this website is for display only not for profit or sell! Only made by a fan for fans, and this is not official anyway
The owner Inuyasha & characters is Rumiko Takahashi ©2000