privacy policy

  • All my Drawing ( Fan art – comics – manga ) are not allowed to re-draw it! (or ask permission first and I will see )
  • DON’T remove my watermark ( copywriter) and sell them (In the case if you did this I will ask a lawyer and you will pay fine for it)
  • If you want to post my drawing anywhere please let me know and include my links ( like my Instagram account, DA .. etc)
  • My drawing is not allowed to use (like sell, use it for cover fanfiction .. etc), but I have no problem to use it for BG PC / phone
  • Again DON’T COPY MY WORKS OR MY IDEA! Just ask permission first!
  • I have no store for now ( only one I have from web TeePublic Then I closed it because of rude thieves)
  • All the fanart shared through this website is for display only not for sell! Only made by a fan for fans, and this is not official anyway
  • The owner Inuyasha & characters is Rumiko Takahashi ©2000